Support FAQ

Q: I can’t find the server. Help? 

A: Search for the server via the in-game browser under the listed parameters. If you still cannot locate it, this is not something we can help with as this is a Grapeshot issue. Please visit our Troubleshooting - Joining the Server page for further details.

Q: I lost my item/ship/tame due to a glitch or miscellaneous reason. Can you replace it?
A: We cannot replace any in game items due to glitch, bug, rollback, or other server related issue because of the early access nature of the game. If, however, you were a victim of stone-aging, please file a report and an admin will contact you.

Q: I lost access to all of my buildings and ships. Can you return them to me?
A: If you failed to merge companies properly or you left your company by mistake, you can obtain your buildings, items and ships via a claim contesting flag. This process will take approximately 10+ hours. Any tames, however, will be lost and we will not be able to transfer them to you. Please visit our Troubleshooting - Merging Companies page for further details.

Q: I’m stuck! Help?!?

A: Unfortunately, admins generally will be unable to assist in ‘unsticking’ players due to the sheer volume of support tickets. The best course of action is to kill your character in order to respawn. This is the ONLY valid time to kill yourself on a roleplay server and should not be considered as part of the active RP. Return to the scene or what you were doing as if nothing happened and retrieve your belongings.