Stuck Between Servers

You've been force logged out by the server with a timeout error message stating, “You are currently traveling to another server, please join again later”. Fear not!

Step 1: When you log back into the game, note the zone it's trying to load you into. It will either be the grid you came from or were going to. Remember this server grid!

Step 2: Try “Join New Atlas” and select a Freeport as your spawn. It will fail to load you into the Freeport, but will allow you to select a bed to spawn in, releasing you from limbo.

Step 3: Spawn at your home base or nearest bed to the ship. This can be tricky, as it sometimes forces you to continue to spawn at the bed on the stuck ship. Keep trying until you can spawn away from your ship, allowing you to travel again.

Step 3B: If you are having trouble spawning at your base or another ship, log out.
Result: This puts you into a sleep state in game and allow you to spawn elsewhere.

Step 3: Travel to the original server grid from Step 1. When you approach the ship, the name should appear or the ship itself will render in. The ship is no longer stuck and you can now spawn on it!

Step 4: IF you choose to fast travel to the ship, you may actually spawn in with the inventory and armor that you had at the time of getting kicked. IMMEDIATELY, put all your gear into a chest. If you are going to change servers on your trip again you will be teleported back to your base with nothing.