PvP Rules

PvP is allowed. You may kill another player in game, but it MUST be for RP and must have sufficient RP surrounding it (just killing someone because your character is "evil" is not good enough RP).

  1. Random Death Match (RDM): Conflict must be initiated through roleplay. RDM is not allowed, unless agreed to by both parties, except during events and in the designated event zone. Please read about how to begin proper PvP combat in our section about initiation.

  2. Group PvP: If you are initiating PvP as part of a group it is important to note that only those directly involved are allowed to respond to the initiation. (Directly involved means you can see and/or hear the initiation itself.)

  3. No combat logging. Logging out during a ‘scene’ in order to keep your character safe, avoid repercussions, or escape a situation is not allowed. If you cannot finish a scene due to IRL circumstances, you must contact the other parties of the scene and an admin for an escape. You must deal with the consequences of the scene on your next log-in.

  4. Sleepers: You may not intentionally kill or fatally harm inactive or unconscious players. (This includes stabbing a tranquilized player or filling their body with stone and dropping them in the water, or burning them.)

  5. Never disturb creatures that are in the process of taming. If someone is taming, whether it is knocked out or in the process of being knocked out, you have no right to disturb, steal, injure, or kill the creature (or the player). This would be considered griefing and is punishable.

  6. Mounts in PvP: You cannot control your mount, while riding, to attack another player in a pvp scenario. You can however, attack another player from the back of a creature using your weapons. Anyone reported to be using their mount to unfairly kill another player in a pvp encounter is eligible for suspension or a permanent ban. Please report all infractions of this rule to admins.

  7. Tames in PvP: You may not use unmounted tames in any PvP encounters. All tames should be kept on passive during general RP, and any neutral/aggressive tames are allowed to be killed if they attack another player. The only exception to this rule is use during 'Formal War'.

  8. Killing of Enemy Tames: You are to do your very best to avoid killing non-aggressive tames. If a passive creature is killed during PvP or raiding you may be required to replace the creature with one of equal age.

  9. Destruction of Bed: You may not intentionally destroy another player’s bed whether to stop them from spawning or to force them to spawn in another location. In reality, these beds would hold no significance. In RP, the player is allowed to spawn at their bed, but should always heed the ‘New Life Rule’.


How to Initiate PvP

You must always verbally initiate before engaging in PvP combat. There is absolutely zero tolerance for KOS or RDM on this server. Conflict can be a great catalyst for RP, but there must be RP before conflict.

PvP can take place in several ways:

  • After sufficient hostile RP (ie: Insults back and forth, things getting heated enough to justify it, a significant amount of past negative interactions, etc.)

  • You have given a valid, clear and explicit “demand and consequence” (see details below).

  • You are in a tribe controlled territory and within their base walls uninvited. Verbal initiation must still occur in the event of trespassing.

Demand and Consequence: You must state a clear demand that is reasonable for them to meet and would not be overly detrimental to their gameplay experience. This demand must also include a consequence, even if only "or else".

You must allow them ample time to respond to your demand. Responding includes both complying and not complying.

If a party becomes subdued or voluntarily surrenders you may no longer attack them.