Powergaming generally happens when someone sacrifices roleplay or “roleplay sense” to favor their own character or “win”, and it is strictly forbidden. Playing your character should always be more important than playing the game.

  1. Limit Yourself: Stay within the boundaries of your character. Your character cannot do everything.

  2. Supernatural Powers: Do not act out impossible actions for your character. No gods, demi-gods or any sort of being with “god powers.” No psychic or supernatural powers that would lead to metagaming.

  3. Forced RP: Never force an action or state on another player without giving them an opportunity to react and/or a choice.

  4. Meta Information: Never use meta information to “win”, manipulate, or script a certain outcome in roleplay. You may only use what your character has learned in-game. For more in depth information, please visit our Metagaming section.

  5. Ruleplaying: Never use knowledge of the rules to avoid, stop or manipulate roleplay.

  6. Scripting: Never extensively plan out detailed RP outside of game via chat or DM.

  7. Stream Sniping: Never use a live-stream to spy on another players location or gain meta knowledge to steer or otherwise manipulate RP in your favor.

  8. Game Mechanics: Never exploit game mechanics for personal gain in roleplay. This is including but not limited to the following acts:

    • Building Mechanics: Circumventing any higher ranked door or “Admin” locked door from within a tribe by “Picking up” or “Demolishing” structure pieces and later replacing them to cover up the break-in.

    • Bed Teleports: Never use beds to teleport or “fast travel” to another location in order to enter, avoid or otherwise affect active RP.

    • Makers Mark Test: Never force another character to craft an item in order to identify them. No person in this situation would sign their own name.

    • “Vitamin G”: Constantly requesting to be killed or killing a tribe member in order to circumvent the food, water or vitamin systems. This is also considered a NVL infraction.

    • Suicide Escape: Never eat feces, purposely starve, or abuse the vitamin system to kill yourself in order to avoid or escape the current role play. This is also considered a NVL infraction.