DarksideRP Public Launch Date


DarksideRP Public Servers are going live on January 3nd, 2019!

In preparation for the public waters, DarksideRP has now upgraded to running a 5x5, 25 server cluster with room for even more expansion in the future. The public seas will directly connect to and interact with our previous Whitelisted RP servers. This means that Whitelisted players can sail into public waters to play with their friends and communities, but Public players cannot sail into Whitelisted territory, preserving the high standards of roleplay we always strive for on DarksideRP servers.

If you would like to join us for DarksideRP Public, no prior RP experience is needed, but you will be expected to roleplay at all times and follow all Darkside server rules. To join us for public, please start by joining our Public DarksideRP Discord.

Thank you to everyone over at Nitrado for their tireless efforts to get Darkside running so smoothly and graciously sponsoring us with additional servers for this massive endeavor. Looking to rent your own Atlas Server? Nitrado is the best choice for the job.