DarksideRP Season 7 is LIVE


After hours of tinkering, Darkside Servers are now stable and online!

DarksideRP is currently running a 4x4, 16 server cluster for Season 7 out of NA/New York, with room for expansion in the future. This can already support nearly 700 players, and it will take a total of 8 real life hours to sail from one edge of the map to the other! Despite the massive size of this world, the cluster configuration of the servers allows for better stability across each individual area of our world, and we’re getting reports of phenomenal stability even from our EU roleplayers. No matter where you are in the world you should have no problem enjoying the roleplay on DarksideRP.

However, in order to provide the best possible experience, we will be continuing to adjust settings and prepare Darkside’s finalized season map over the next 24 hours. Please bare with us and enjoy your adventure on these unknown seas!

Thank you to everyone over at Nitrado for their tireless efforts to get Darkside running so smoothly and graciously sponsoring us with additional servers for this massive endeavor. Looking to rent your own Atlas Server? Nitrado is the best choice for the job.