Metagaming is the use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character has not yet learned. You cannot know or act on any information that your character hasn’t directly learned in-game through an RP situation or another character.

  1. Nameplating: Identifying players, tribes, creatures or structures through use of their nameplate or in game text is considered insufficient RP and is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Using your HUD on a structure, creature or ship while in RP.

    • Using radio/chat tags to find tribe/clan and character names.

    • Using destruction logs to find out who has raided you.

    Consider all character and tribe names to be hidden. The only exception to “tagging” is for the express purpose of returning lost tames to their tribes. If performing this service, remember to RP it out.

  2. Notifications/Logs: You may not use automated death notifications or tribe/clan logs as in character knowledge. Unless you saw it take place, you do not know that it occurred.

  3. External Information: Your character does not know any information that you have gathered outside of game, whether related to RP or in-game mechanics (taming information, locations, boss information, etc) unless it was written into your character backstory.

  4. Stream Stalking/Sniping occurs when you have a player’s stream open and use the information you see there (whether to find, harass, spy on them, or otherwise interact). Do not use their stream to find them in game, whether you need to meet them for your story or not, or try to force yourself into their RP because you want to be on cast.

    • You must keep the information you have learned via watching streams and reading discussions separate from your character’s knowledge.

  5. Ruleplaying: Your character is not aware of any of the server’s “rules”. These have no baring on your character in game and should never be spoken of or used as a way to avoid RP or manipulate RP.

  6. Game Mechanics: Utilizing game mechanics to gain knowledge that your character typically wouldn’t have in reality such as using map icons to locate other company members or ships, base properties and beds or utilizing “makers marks” to identify the artisan or company.

  7. Rerolling: If you decide to re-roll, your new character may be associated with your previous character, but it cannot retain any knowledge from your previous character (memories). You are meeting everyone again for the first time. You also may not transfer property (land, tames or items) from your previous character to your new character unless it is done via RP.