Available Staff Positions

Are you passionate about gaming, roleplay and love the community here at DarksideRP? We’re looking for new team members who can help us continue to provide a positive roleplaying experience for our online community. All positions are part-time, unpaid and are considered volunteer work but all duties can be performed remotely. If you feel that you are up to the challenge and want to be part of a volunteer team that serves one of the best online roleplaying communities, send in your application today!


Community Moderator

Duties and Responsibilities
- Monitor user-generated content to enforce community guidelines.
- Provide general assistance and basic technical support
- Assist admins by gathering additional information from players.
- Process forms and aid in the on-boarding of public players.
- Contribute positively to our team and Darkside community.

- Mature, level-headed and 21 years or older.
- Proficient in the use of Discord, Web Forums, and Google Drive.
- Previous customer service and/or moderation experience preferred.
- Excellent comprehension and communication skills.
- Enthusiasm and passion for gaming and online roleplay.
- Patience.

Mod Developer

Duties and Responsibilities
- Develop custom mods according to project specifications.
- Work closely with senior staff throughout design and development.
- Regularly update and debug server mods as needed.

- Mature, responsible and 18 years or older.
- Portfolio or examples of representative work.
- Proficient with Atlas DevKit, Photoshop, Maya and 3DStudioMax.
- If Model Based: Produce efficient low poly mods for minimal impact.
- if Model Based: Paintable and in some cases texture-swap-able.

General Examples of Mod Projects:
- Pre-Fabs and Structure Pieces
- Additional Decor and Items
- Clothing, Hair and Emotes
- Minor Game Tweaks
- Major Overhaul Systems

Please note: All mods developed for DarksideRP, will exclusively belong to DarksideRP for the duration of their use. These are not to be made available for public use. Please do not apply if you cannot agree to these terms.