Connection Issues

”200s Kick” message

You have either not submitted your Steam64ID to the server bot OR you have submitted the incorrect Steam64ID number.

Solution A: Submit your Steam64ID
Head to the #steam-id-public-only channel of the discord and post your Steam64ID.

Solution B: Correct your Steam64ID
Use "!ifuckedup Steam64ID#" in the #steam-id-public-only channel and your ID will be changed at our earliest convenience. You will receive a response from the bot that’ll let you know the request has gone through and a staff member will inform you when this has been rectified. This may take up to 24 hours.

Grey grids are public. Red grids are WHITELIST.

Grey grids are public. Red grids are WHITELIST.

”Best Be Heading Back” message

You are likely nearing the border between a public and whitelist-only server without being a whitelist member.

Solution: Turn back now, because if you cross the barrier without being whitelisted, you will be killed and you will lose all of your belongings/ ship. We will not replace your items.

Stuck on loading screen with “PrimalGameData_BP” message
The sector you are trying to join may be full, but the “Server Full” message has bugged out and isn’t showing OR you are trying to join from somewhere other than the in-game server browser.

Solution: Reload your game and rejoin the server.