1. In-game VOIP will be used at all times during face-to-face RP. We do not currently allow ‘mute’ characters as there are not currently enough emotes to facilitate this type of RP. A microphone is required to play on DarksideRP as per the TOS.

  2. External Communication (discord channels, skype, teamspeak, in-person communication etc.) may not be used for anything regarding actual roleplay. Similarly, external voice communication can be used only while solo-farming materials (non-RP tasks). The moment you begin active RP, you MUST close your external connection and use in game VOIP.

    • If players are observed obviously communicating with each other without any communication taking place through game voip, this will be seen as a rule infraction.

    • All external communication must be unrelated to RP.

    • External communication is NEVER allowed during raids.

  3. Local Chat may be used for written emotes that you wouldn’t typically be able to enact with the game’s limited emote system, or to communicate OOC issues in the case of an emergency. You must use (( )) to denote that you are speaking OOC. Example: ((OOC: Sorry, mic problems. One moment.))

  4. No Mic Spam. Please do not broadcast music over the in game VOIP system unless it fits the RP scene and is only done for the minimum required time to enhance the RP or make

  5. Radio (when applicable to the season): Treat the radio as realistically as possible.  The radio, and whatever is broadcasted over it, must always be in character.

    • If you have met someone previously in RP and therefore know their voice, if makes sense that you would know who you’re speaking to even if they don’t state their name.

    • If you have not met someone in RP, if they don’t specifically state their name/tribe, all you know is their voice. When you finally meet, it is absolutely within RP to say, “Oh, you’re [Character Name]! I recognize your voice from the radio!”

    • Direct frequency radio RP, if needed, is allowed to be done via text and will be considered to be a “transmission”. You must explicitly state who you are in the “transmission” since players cannot use name/clan tags or your voice to determine who you are.

    • The radio should be used to facilitate RP (arranging a meet-up, checking if someone is awake, etc.) and NOT as your primary mode of RP.