• Company Limit: 50 members

  • Alliance Limit: 1 Alliance containing up to 3 Companies.

  • Inactivity: Company structures are cleared after 10 days of complete inactivity.

Mutiny Limits:

  • 1 Ship (if you own one and can manage to contest it).

  • Any personal belongings and tames (up to a max of 2).

  • Enough food, water and basic repair material to survive.

  • Optional Theft: 25% of gold present up to a maximum of 1000 gold, a maximum of 5 blueprints, and/or a maximum of up to 1 stack of a rare resource. (This is total, not per person performing mutiny together.)


  • Settlement Ownership: 1 Settlement Total (Requires 5 members)

  • Legal Tax Limit: 15% (you may surpass this, it will have RP consequence).


  • Base Size: 1 Base; Equivalent to company size. Build only what you need.

  • Outposts: +1 Outpost per 20 members; Maximum of 2.

  • Each Outpost must house at least 5 members.

  • No blocking rare resources, caves, or major pathways.

  • Never use gates or foundations as wall material.

NPC Auto Turrets

  • External: Wild animals only unless at war.

  • Internal: Any setting, must not exceed the range of protective structure.

  • Remember: The targeting setting is on the weapon, not NPC.


  • Ship Limit: 2 ships + (1 per 2 members). Up to a max of 15 ships.

  • Galleon Limit: 1 galleon + (1 per 15 members). Up to a max of 3 galleons.

  • Ship Names: Must be server appropriate! ‘HMS’ can only be used by Navy.

  • Steering Wheel must never be enclosed or covered.

  • Cannon Limits: No stacking above deck. 1 per gunport below deck.

  • Civilians may not sail weaponized galleons.

  • Turtling: May not utilize any enclosures if they have artillery, regardless of purpose.

  • NPC Limit: Raft - 1; Sloop - 2; Schooner - 6; Brig - 10; Galleon - 20.

  • Sailing Party: 20 players; 2 ships maximum.

Ship Colors

  • Ship Classes: Navy - Gold; Pirates - Black; Privateers - Red; Civilians - Any Other.

  • Changing Color: A ship’s sails cannot be changed except in specific circumstances.

  • Painted Sails: All must have 1 row of raw painted sails in the class color.

  • The “Trojan Horse” must always have admin approval.


  • Tame Limit: 4 + (1 per member) up to a max of 15 total company tames.

  • Personal Tames: 1 personal shoulder pet.

  • Expansion Bonus: +5 tames for each Outpost

  • Breeder or Farmer Bonus: + 10 tames (one bonus per company).

  • Mythical Tames: 1 max. (Must be a company of 3 or larger).

  • Alpha Tames: Any tamed alphas (via glitch or breeding) must be destroyed.

  • Tame Tagging: Personal tames must use the naming format Animal Name (Owning Char). Breeder and Farmer tames must also be marked [Stock] or  [S] in name.

Naval Combat

  • Ship Classes: Ships must always act appropriate to their class color limitations.

  • Unarmed ships can never be sunk at sea. You must use barshot to disable sails.

  • All armed ships can be sunk regardless of classification if the RP calls for it.


  • Formal Initiation: Yell for the other ship to stop and raise sails. After the ship has been given ample time to respond, fire a warning shot (that does not hit). You may now begin combat maneuvers.

  • Surrender:  If a ship raises sails, they are surrendering. You must cease fire.

    • You may reengage if they attempt to flee or begin return fire.

    • Ships that peacefully surrender may not be sunk.

  • NLR at Sea: NLR may be ignored during sea battles until the ship has been stopped and boarded by the enemy. If you respawn after this, you must be an injured captive.

    • If you die on the enemy ship, you are subject to normal NLR timers.

  • Suicide Bombing: If you die on the enemy ship or in the water after a bombing attempt, you may not return to the current battle even if it continues for an hour.

  • Explosive barrels?

  • The ‘shimmers’ between servers cannot be used to abuse naval combat. Examples include but are not limited to:

    • Whitelist: Using the WL area to escape combat. If you enter accidentally, you must turn around and resume combat.

    • Cheap Shots: Stopping on the other side of the shimmer to line up a shot while the enemy loads. Both ships must pause briefly before resuming combat.

    • Shimmer Weaving: Traveling parallel to the shimmer and weaving in and out to avoid combat or gain better positioning.

  • Piracy: After successful attack, pirates can rob players of x.

  • Sinking Unmanned Ships: You may not sink an unmanned, anchored ship unless

  • You have a valid bounty for the ship and you leave a note.

  • You engage with the owners at the dock and things escalate.

  • You have an OOC agreement with the owner.