Tamed Creature Limits

  1. Tamed Creatures - Each company is allowed 4 tames regardless of the number of members. Companies may own one additional 1 tame for every active member up to a total maximum of 15 tames.

  2. Outpost Bonus - Companies are granted +5 additional tames which must be exclusively housed at the company outpost for the purpose of farming and general use.

  3. Personal Pet - Each player is allowed 1 “shoulder pet” that does not count toward tame limits. Shoulder pets are small tames that can mount on your shoulder or be held.

    • a.) Mount Trade: Players who reside on larger islands can request to trade their ‘shoulder pet’ allowance for a mount. This mount can only be a horse or an ostrich. No other animals can be used for this ‘free’ mount. Please contact an admin.

  4. Creature Names: Tag your personal tames with your character’s name or a shortened form of your character’s name in the name plate (ie. Billy [Leb]). Creature names can never be offensive or tasteless.

  5. Illegal Tames - Shieldhorn, Razortooth, Leatherwing, Yeti, Elementals, Cyclops and Giant Crabs are considered endangered and are protected by the Royal Navy. Anyone found keeping endangered species will suffer RP consequence. (Please see more about endangered tames in the Law Enforcement section.)

    • a.) Limits: Companies are only allowed a maximum of one endangered tame (if they can manage to hide it).

Breeding & Livestock

  1. Breeders and Farmers are characters who focus on animal husbandry as the main feature of their RP. These professional animal keepers must willing to trade the creatures they breed or the resources they harvest from them. “Professional” implies a character who has specialized in Beastmastery and is breeding multiple times with the intention of breeding for color, mutation, stats or general product for trade.

  2. Breeding barn or stables should be built away from large populations, major settlement builds and large docks to avoid load issues.

  3. Professional Bonus - Professional Breeders/ Farmers are currently allowed a maximum of 10 additional creatures for their craft. Please label all livestock with the tag (Stock) or (S). (This bonus can only be applied once per company.)

  4. “Alpha Tames” - If any “alphas” are produced by shimmer glitch or breeding glitch, they must be immediately destroyed.

If you are found to have surpassed your limits, and it is affecting the area for others, admins have the right to destroy your highest level creatures. Multiple infractions may result in further punishment.

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