1. Limits: Every company is allowed 3 ships (or rafts) regardless of the number of members. You may increase your fleet by 1 ship for every 2 people currently in your company up to a maximum of 15 ships.

    • a.) Sailing Parties - Companies can sail to “patrol” or “hunt” other ships (both player and AI) in groups no larger than two ships total, unless at Official War.

  2. Ship Designs: All ships must be realistic in design for the time period (1650-1720). This is RP; Aesthetic over function always.

    • a.) Unobstructed View: The steering wheel must always be open air/ not enclosed on all ships (even when “turtling”). The captain of the ship must be able to see in all directions.

    • b.) Cannons: Combative Ships (Red, Black, Navy) can utilize cannons on their ship however the below deck cannons must be spaced one per gun-port Civilian ships cannot utilize any cannons on their ships.

    • c.) 🧪 “Turtling”: Civilians may mildly “turtle” their transport ships if desired. The steering wheel must still be unobstructed. Combative ships must never “turtle” their ships.

    • d.) Ship Names: Ship names can never be offensive or tasteless and must be applicable to RP. Ships named anything that staff feels violates our community standards will be sunk without warning (because ships cannot currently be renamed) and players will not be compensated for the loss.

  3. Sail Colors: All ships are required to fly the correct color flags and engage with other ships appropriate to their sail colors. Keep in mind that your reputation may precede you and will affect how people react to you in RP regardless of sails being flown at any given time.

    • a.) Changing Sail Color: Once a ship has seen battle, you cannot change the color classification of the sails except in specific circumstances (however the design may change). In the following situations, sail classification may be changed once (and only once) and the change must be done at your home base:

      • The company transitions officially from one classification to another. (ie. Privateers are marked as an Enemy of the Crown and must sail black flags.)

      • You upgrade a basic trade vessel that has never seen battle to a war vessel.

      • You obtain property (by theft or transfer) and must change the flags.

      • You are going to attempt a Trojan horse (requires admin approval).

    • b.) “Trojan Horse” - You may utilize a ‘false flag’ as a Trojan horse against another group only if there is substantial conflict with that group and you have first spoken to an admin. Using the wrong flag without admin approval will be seen as exploiting the system and is a punishable offense.

  4. 🧪 NPCs on Ships - NPC Crewmembers (AI/ “Mute Crew”/ “Mutes”) can be used on player ships to perform ship tasks with the following limits:

    • a.) Limits: Ships are allowed a limited amount of AI on board.

Type Dinghy Raft Sloop Schooner Brigantine Galleon
Max AI 0 1 2 6 9 16