1. Requirements: Companies must have at least 5 active members in order to claim ownership of an island. (Excluding islets, which can be owned by anyone).

  2. Limits: Companies, no matter the size, may only own one island total.

  3. “The Good Neighbor Initiative”: Due to the limited amount of islands available, Island owners must be willing to let other companies live upon the island. The minimum number of companies per island depends on the size of the island.

    • a.) Permission: Similarly, companies looking to settle on an owned island are urged to speak to the owning company before claiming a section of land for themselves. Though this is not required, it will help avoid future issues.

    • b.) Eviction: The only time a resident company can be forcibly evicted from the island is if they have repeatedly committed crimes upon the island or they have performed unprovoked aggressive actions against the other residents. They must be given notice and ample time to move.

  4. Owner Governance: The owning company or “governor” has the right to:

    • a.) Regulate: Regulate the size and aesthetic of the buildings placed by their own company members but may not destroy personal structures without prior notice.

    • b.) Inactive: Remove inactive company members and their personal structures/ ships if they obtain OOC permission to confirm they will not be returning.

    • c.) Protect: Request any island residents to shift their property if it blocks important resource spawns or travel routes.

    • d.) Evict: Evict companies who have committed crimes upon the island or have initiated aggressive actions against the other residents. (Please see Settlements, Rule 3).

  5. Taxation: Settlements may legally tax the island residents up to a maximum of 15%. Settlements can choose to break the law and tax at a higher rate, but it may result in Navy action, or island mutiny.

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