1. Size: The maximum company size is 50 members.

  2. Inactivity: Players that don’t log on for 10 days in a row are considered inactive.

    • a.) Inflating Numbers: Inactive players do not count toward raising your active limits. (ie. If you have a company of 30 but only 12 of those players are “active”, then your company limits are dictated by the 12, and you must scale back your property.) It is recommended that players remove inactive members since you can always add them back if they return!

    • b.) Demo Schedule: Admins will clear out property (claims, builds, tames, etc.) of inactive companies without warning if all members have been inactive for 10 days. We will not replace items lost to inactivity.

    • c.) Vacation: If you are solo and will be taking an extended leave from the game but plan to return to your character, let an admin know so we can put a hold on your property. We cannot hold property for “vacations” lasting longer than 20 days with the current state of the EA.

  3. Alliances: Alliances cannot be abused to circumvent company restrictions. Alliances are only meant to be used to push RP forward. Utilizing alliances to rule-play and circumvent limits will not be tolerated.

  4. Mutiny: If your character is choosing to leave a company on bad terms or in secret, this may have RP consequence. Please keep in mind that choosing to mutiny and steal property during your exit, may lead to hostilities with your old company.

    • a.) Limits: Mutineers may only take the following:

      • 1 Ship (if you own one and can manage to contest it).

      • Any Personal Belongings and tames (up to a max of 2).

      • Enough food, water and basic repair material to survive.

    • b.) Optional Theft: ~25% of gold present up to a maximum of 1000 gold, a maximum of 5 blueprints, and/or a maximum of up to 1 stack of a rare resource. (This is total, not per person performing mutiny together.)

    • c.) Naval Mutiny: Navy Members are never allowed to mutiny without OOC permission. They may however ‘defect’ or go AWOL. Please note that these actions will be met with in character consequences.

      Note: Mutiny vs Defect: Mutiny involves stealing company property when exiting a company. Defecting, is simply leaving without notice.

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