Company Bases & Builds

  1. Placeholders: Placeholders will be removed by admins after 48 hours if no significant progress is made on the build.

  2. Restricted Land: Players may not claim or build upon freeports or ‘Golden Age Ruin’ islands (PvE Boss Islands). Any structures found will be destroyed without warning.

  3. Main Base Builds: Companies are allowed one base location.

    • a) Size: All base locations must be kept a reasonable size (directly based on company size) to reduce lag and save space for new players. Make what you need to be functional and with RP in mind. If an admin feels your build is too big, expect a request to downsize.

  4. Outposts: In addition to the main base location, companies are allowed 1 outpost per 20 company members. At least 5 people must be stationed at the outpost at all times. You may not have any empty bases.

  5. Moving or Merging - If you decide to move base locations, you must destroy the previously built base to prevent server degradation. If there is a company merger, base restrictions are still in effect and it is your responsibility to organize what is kept.

  6. Littering - Do not leave any non-permanent structures across the map (spammed claim flags, foundations, taming pens, rafts, buoys, campfires, sleeping bags etc.) Offending structures will be removed without warning.

  7. Resource/ Cave Blocking - No building upon scarce resources in any way that will cause them to stop spawning. Do not block any caves or build close enough to block their loot spawns.

  8. Makeshift Walls - Large gates and stacked flooring should never be used as walls or as walling material. Offending structures may be removed by staff without warning.

  9. NPC Auto-turrets - NPC “mute crew” may be used for the defense of company buildings.

    • a.) Exterior Base Turrets: NPC Turrrets used on the outside of a building, within towers or placed upon a wall, must be set to [wild animals only] unless actively at war. During war time, external auto-turrets can be set to attack additional targets at medium distance as long as appropriate warning signs have been posted (and are visible from all sides). Owners are 100% liable for any deaths and damages that occur during times of peace.

    • b.) Inner Base Turrets: NPC Turrrets that are fully enclosed within a walled area can be set to attack any targets as long as the range of the turret does not exceed the area protected by their enclosures and proper warning signs are placed on the exterior of the walls. It is the responsibility of the owning tribe to ensure that all gates to areas containing NPCs are closed and locked at all times.

    • c.) Interior Building Turrets: NPC Turrrets used inside of a completed building can be set to attack all targets. Warning signs do not have to be placed for turrets enclosed within a building. It is the responsibility of the owning tribe to ensure that all doors to rooms or areas containing NPCs are closed and locked at all times.

    • d.) “Auto-turrets” may not be used on platform saddles of any tames.  

Please note: that the targeting setting is on the NPC, not the weapon. You will be held accountable if turrets are not set properly. The ‘aggression level’ also does not affect turrets and it is recommended that they NEVER be set to aggressive (or else they will tend to leave turrets in order to melee with enemies.)

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