Taming and Creature Limits

  1. Personal Limits: Each player has a hard cap at 4 active personal creatures and up to 3 additional “critters”. The only exception to this rule is if you are RPing a breeder.

  2. Dinos that you do not personally own are not to be touched in any way unless you've been given express permission by the owner or you are attempting to save them.

  3. Wyvern & Rock Drake - Each player is allowed one personal wyvern/rock drake (if applicable to the current server map). If you surpass your limit, you must choose which you plan to keep and immediately remove the other. Furthermore, if you require additional drakes for creative (non-pvp) RP purposes, please seek the proper permits from an admin.

  4. Illegal Creatures - No Gigas, Titans, Stone Golems or Reapers (when applicable).

  5. If you are found to have illegal creatures (either illegal due to server rules or exclusive faction creatures), they will be culled without warning. Likewise, if you are found to have surpassed your individual limits, admins have the right to destroy your highest level creatures. Multiple infractions may result in further punishment.


  1. All large-scale breeders must submit an application. "Large-scale" implies breeding multiple times with the intention of breeding for color, mutation, stats or general product for trade. You do not need to apply for breeding if you remain within your personal creature limit (4) or for one time events.

  2. All large-scale breeders must set up their operation away from all main bases, hubs and major settlements. You may not keep your breeding stock within loading range of these locations. Please find a suitable location well away from the population for the sake of stability.

  3. Breeders are currently allowed a maximum of [15] active creatures. Please label all breeding stock with the tag (Breeder) or (B). If you require more creatures for a project, contact an admin. Admins may allow additional stock depending on the current state of breeding on the server.