Building and Defenses

For the sake of server health, please be aware of how much you are placing and building.

  1. You must build within your Faction’s territory unless you are a Nomad (if applicable to season). If you are not a Nomad and you choose to live inside another faction’s territory, you may be subject to paying land taxes. #RPtunity

  2. Land Claiming: When claiming territory, you have 48 hours to begin your base build. If random foundations are discovered spammed around the map, they will be removed without warning.

  3. Major Base Builds: Tribes are allowed one base location. Large houseboats, treehouses, and platform saddle bases are counted as a major build and should not be close to other major bases.

    • a) Size: All base locations must be kept a reasonable size (directly based on tribe size) to reduce lag and save space for new players. Make what you need to be functional and with RP in mind. If an admin feels your build is too big, expect a request to downsize.

  4. Outposts: In addition to main base location, tribes are allowed 1 small outposts. Outposts can be farming huts, small houses or hideaways. There must be an RP reason for these outposts. These outposts can be outside your faction’s capital territory.

  5. Moving: If you decide to move base locations, you must destroy the previously built base to prevent server degradation. If there is a tribe merger, base restrictions are still in effect and it is your responsibility to organize that.

  6. Littering: Do not leave any non-permanent structures across the map (taming pens, rafts, campfires etc.) Offending structures will be demolished without warning.

  7. Mailboxes & Delivery Chests: The use of boxes for receiving mail and offline deliveries is encouraged. Mailboxes must be unlocked, placed outside the front entrance to your base.

  8. Resource/ Passage Blocking: No building upon scarce resources (beaver dams, crystal, oil, pearls) or spawn locations for new players. Do not block off waterways, bridges, natural ziplines, passages to the underground or surface, and caves with rare resources/artifacts within them.

  9. Large behemoth gates should never be used as walls.

  10. No Underwater Supports: Do not build over deep waters with pillars going all the way down into the depths as it will degrade the server.

  11. Auto-turrets used on the outside of a building or fence, must be set to [wild dinos only] unless the tribe is currently at war. During war time, external auto-turrets can be set to attack additional targets on [low range] with a warning time of [4 seconds]. Owners are 100% liable for any deaths and damages that occur during times of peace.

    • a) Inner Base Turrets: Turrets may only be set on [no warning] and [medium or high range] if FULLY enclosed within a wall or building and warning signs are sufficiently placed. Warning signs do not have to be placed for turrets enclosed within a building. The range of the turret should not exceed the area protected by their enclosures. It is the responsibility of the owning tribe to ensure that all doors to rooms or areas containing active turrets, arthropleura and plant species X are closed and locked at all times. 

    • b) Amount: You may have a maximum of 6 total turrets within the interior of a capital city. You may have a maximum of 2 total turrets per personal structure.

    • c) On Platforms Saddles: Auto-turrets may not be used on platform saddles of any dinosaurs.